1. Are your diamonds real and Conflict-Free?
Yes. All our diamonds are real and natural earth mined. We only purchase diamonds from the largest and most respected suppliers who have documentation warranting that the diamond was obtained through legitimate channels. They are Conflict-free diamonds.

2. Is your gold real and solid?
Yes. Our gold is 14k or 18k solid gold.

3.Is there any chance you could engrave the inter band of the ring?
Engraving Order service is available
This is the link for extra cost of the engraving,$2 USD per letter.

4,About the ring size
- I can make all the ring size that you want. If there is not the ring size that you want in the "ring size" option of the ring, please contact with me and I will help you to work it out.
- please double check the suitable size for you when you order the ring,- If the ring you receive is not the size that you ordered, I am willing to resize it for you for Free.
- If you want to resize the ring but the ring size is what you ordered indeed, I am willing to resize the ring for you but extra resizing handcraft fee is need. So please make sure the correct ring size for you before you order it. thank you :)